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  • Which product should you prefer among thousands of products with similar specifications and features?
  • What are the pros and cons of a specific kitchen tool?
  • What are the things you must know before buying a particular kitchen gadget?
  • Why do you should buy a particular kitchen appliance?
  • What is the latest trend in the Kitchen market?
  • How a specific product is going to be the best value for your hard-earned money?
  • Whether a particular product is designed for you or not?
  • How to use a particular kitchen gadget?
  • How does particular kitchenware solve your specific problem?


We, at Kitchen Crit, take pride in helping our readers with the best-updated information regarding the kitchen world.

We are a team of a wife and a husband. Wife is an Enthusiastic Web Researcher and the Queen of the Kitchen and Husband is a Graphic Designer. As a team, our only goal is to gather and provide as much information as possible about kitchen appliances, latest kitchen gadgets, and in-depth analytical reviews about kitchenware in the easiest possible way for our readers to understand.

In today’s highly commercialized marketplace almost all kitchenware products come with lucrative corporate jargon and unworthy so-called “revolutionary features”. Businesses have been using clever tricks to sell their products/ services. It is really a hassle for consumers to differentiate which product is the best value to their money. A typical “User Manual” or a company’s obvious claims of being the best is not really helpful for a user to determine if it really fits their special requirement. This is where our regularly updated highly informative content comes in handy.

Consumers have the right to get enough information before making a buying decision. But unfortunately, the online marketplace is getting more and more confusing and unreliable these days. It is very difficult for a common consumer to find the right information online about a particular kitchen product to see if it really helps to make your daily life even easier.

We experienced this sort of uncertainty many times. We wanted to buy a kitchen gadget to fulfill our particular need but ended up buying a completely different product which is no way near our expectation. This happened because of the lack of information. There are not many trustworthy sources of information related to kitchen that a common consumer deserves the access to.

We want to change that. Our mission is to make a best informative portal related to kitchen goods where a user can self educate them with the right information regarding all kitchen appliances and tools. This is how and why we founded this website.

Our informative content is designed and created to help and educate you about kitchen related items. So that you can get all possible answers to your kitchen gadget related queries in one place. It is possible with the help of our easy to understand comparison tables and unbiased reviews with pros and cons. Our goal is to provide transparent and straightforward information to people before they make any buying decisions.

Our values are Transparency, Neutrality, Commitment, and Self Improvement. We are not perfect though. We are learning from our experience and also sharing our knowledge with our readers. We need your help to help you. You can help us by letting us know how we are doing. Your support and feedback will be highly appreciated.


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